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  • The human form is shaped after the four letters which constitute the Jewish Tetragrammaton (q.v.; see also Jehovah).
  • Moreover the scruple as to the pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton seems to have arisen earlier, as in the LXX.
  • And V.) which may reasonably be assigned to the Temple at Jerusalem uses freely the name min', it may be inferred that the district where an objection was felt to writing the Tetragrammaton was some distance from Jerusalem, and probably not in such close touch with it as most of the country districts of Judaea would be.
  • It is not improbable that the Elohistic redaction of the second collection of psalms is due not so much to any Jewish scruples about writing the Tetragrammaton as to the fear that it might fall into the hands of the heathen who were trying to destroy the Hebrew Scriptures, and might thus be desecrated (cf.
  • (1876), 179-254; Driver, " Recent Theories on the Origin and Nature of the Tetragrammaton," in Studia Biblica, I.

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