Sentence Examples

  • "I love you too," he responded tersely, and then started to cry.
  • The three moved with her, Pierre speaking tersely in French on the phone.
  • So long as the characters of new fossils are only of specific and generic value, it is mostly possible to assign the birds to their proper place, but when these characters indicate new families or orders, for instance Hesperornithes, Ichthyornithes, Palaelodi, their owners are put outside the more tersely constructed classifications applicable to modern birds.
  • The common practice of ordinary collectors, until at least very recently, has been tersely described as being to " shoot a bird, take off its skin, and throw away its characters."
  • He strongly deprecated blind empiricism; the aphorism " rt ireipa o 4 aXepr t,) Kpicns XaXe ril " (whether it be his or not), tersely illustrates his position.

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