Sentence Examples

  • The weight of PQ and the tensions at P,Q.
  • The resistance to slipping of a flat belt on a pulley may be obtained by considering the equilibrium of a small arc of the pulley surface subtending an angle dB at the centre, and having tensions T and T+dT at its extremities.
  • The relation between the three forces acting on any particle, viz, the extraneous force and the tensions in the two adjacent portions of the string can be exhibited by means of a triangle of forces; and if the successive triangles be drawn to the same scale they can be fitted together so as to constitute a single force-diagram, as shown in fig.
  • For leather belts on cast-iron pulleys the value of may be taken as o 4, giving a ratio of the tensions on the tight and slack sides of Ti/T2= 3.514, when the angle of wrapping is 180°.
  • The tension of the surface separating two liquids which do not mix cannot be deduced by any known method from the tensions of the surfaces of the liquids when separately in contact with air.

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