Sentence Examples

  • In January 1901 he telegraphed without difficulty by electric waves from the Isle of Wight to the Lizard, viz.
  • On the 25th of February Crispi telegraphed to Baratieri, denouncing his operations as military phthisis, and urging him to decide upon some strategic plan.
  • This despatch was telegraphed to London, and was intended for immediate publication; but it was kept private for a time by the home government.
  • So suspicious had the ministry become of the nature of the military preparations that were being made by the Boers, that in May 1899 they communicated their apprehensions to the High Commissioner, Sir Alfred Milner, who telegraphed on the 25th of May to Mr Chamberlain, informing him that Natal was uneasy.
  • Lanyon began to recognize that the position was becoming grave, and telegraphed to Sir George Colley, the high commissioner of South-East Africa, for military aid.