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  • The massive old Palazzo Pretorio (13th century) has been somewhat modified in details; the adjacent Palazzo Comunale contains a small picture gallery 1 This combination of characters for many years Ied systematizers astray, though some of them were from the first correct in their notions as to the Pratincole's position.
  • These writers were followed by other investigators and systematizers in the same field, but their works are lost.
  • In Egypt too the systematizers were busily engaged in the co-ordination of myths.
  • The greatest benefit conferred by this memoir is probably that it stimulated the efforts, presently to be mentioned, of one of his pupils, and that it brought more distinctly into sight that other factor, originally discovered by Merrem, of which it now clearly became the duty of systematizers to take cognizance.
  • The views of neither of these systematizers pleased Temminck, who in 1817 replied rather sharply to Vieillot in some Observations sur la classification methodique des oiseaux, a pamphlet published at Amsterdam, and prefixed to the second edition m i nd.

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