Sentence Examples

  • The Glynsky form is simpler, having only one syphon tube; at the constrictions it is usual to have a glass bead.
  • It is possible that this represents the syphon or supplementary intestine of Capitellidae, which has been shown to develop as a groving of the intestine ultimately cut off from it.
  • Hutchinson of New York, laid a short line from the Tarr Farm wells to the refinery, which passed over a hill, the oil being moved on the syphon principle, and a year later constructed another three miles long to the railway.
  • In the Le Bel-Henninger form a series of bulbs are connected consecutively by means of syphon tubes (b) and having platinum gauzes (a) at the constrictions, so that when a certain amount of liquid collects in any one bulb it syphons over into the next lower bulb.
  • The water is heated by a furnace, and is conveyed from the boiler into the houses by a main or " flow " pipe, connected by means of syphon branches with as many pipes as it is intended to serve.

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