Sentence Examples

  • In addition to making it look fantastic, you can also purchase data cables to sync your contacts and calendar between the phone and your computer, headsets for hands-free chatting, music tracks, app enjoyment, and more.
  • Many people choose to sync their music and video files, as the iPhone truly is a multimedia device that makes listening to music and watching videos just as fun as if you were using a stereo or television.
  • Symptoms of the disorder, which may include sleep disruption, fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems, are triggered by the body's internal clock being out of sync with the external environment.
  • This movie is full of "mickey-mousing", a technique in which the music and the movement of the actors are in sync, and it adds another stroke of character to an all ready beautiful and authentic score.
  • So this could be the number one reason as to why each season you should go over your dog's manners and do a ten minute session, five days a week until you and your dog are back in sync again.