Sentence Examples

  • Guy Williams, who starred as Dr. John Robinson, 'astrophysicist', was something of a heart-throb, having appeared in two movies and a TV series as Zorro, swashbuckling masked Robin-Hood-of-the-West.
  • For a swashbuckling good time, you may want to consider TradeWinds 2, available for download and purchase from any number of online video game publishers and websites, such as SpinTop-Games.
  • There aren't enough powerful female characters that make for great costumes, but a pirate queen is a popular costume that lets you show off your swashbuckling techniques in style.
  • If Captain Kirk was a swashbuckling risk-taker (and he was), it could be argued that he was an appropriate choice to captain an exploratory vessel in an Age of Exploration.
  • Another interesting action packed, swashbuckling adventure game title from PlayLogic International, this game is based on the classic novel written by Raphael Sabatini.