Sentence Examples

  • The so-called mysticism of the Persian Sufis is less intense and practical, more airy and literary in character.
  • Yet these two schools of Sufis were never quite similar; on Sunnite soil Sufiism could not openly impugn orthodox views, while in Persia it was saturated with Shiite heresy and the pantheism of the extreme devotees of 'Ali.
  • Thus there have always been two kinds of Sufis, and, though the course of history and the wandering habits which various orders borrowed from Buddhism Zaid and `Amr are the Caius and Sempronius of Arabian law.
  • Kandahar often changed hands between the Moguls and the rising Safavis (or Sufis) of Persia.
  • After a long siege, Shah Husain came forth from Ispahan with all his court, and surrendered the sword and diadem of the Sufis into the hands of the Ghilzai (October 1722).

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