Sentence Examples

  • In April 1908 Abd-el-Kader, a Halowin Arab and ex-dervish, rebelled in the Blue Nile province, claiming to be the prophet Issa (Jesus).
  • In 1902 the last surviving dervish amir of importance surrendered to the sultan of Darfur.
  • At this time the power and prestige of the khalifa were at their height: the rebellions in Darfur and Kordofan had been stamped out, the anti-mahdi was dead, and even the dervish defeat by the Abyssinians had been converted by the death of King John and the capture of his body into a success.
  • Legitimate commerce, rapidly growing before the revolt of the mandi (r880,was greatly crippled during the continuance of the dervish power, though the town itself never fell into their hands.
  • Had resumed direct control over Tripoli (1835), and in the middle of the 19th century Cyrenaica was still so free of the Turks that Sheik Ali bin-Senussi chose it as the headquarters of his nascent dervish order.

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