Sentence Examples

  • The latter set out on the afternoon of the 24th to lc ttempt to rescue people at Herculaneum, but came too late, and rent to Stabiae, where he spent the night, and died the following h ~orning, suffocated by the poisonous fumes which were ex- A
  • In it Macleod of Skye, towards the end of the r6th century, ordered 200 Macdonalds, inhabitants of the isle - men, women and children - to be suffocated, their bones being found long afterwards.
  • His disorder was an oedematous affection of the wind-pipe, contracted by exposure during a long ride in a snowstorm, and aggravated by neglect and by such contemporary remedies as bleeding, gargles of "molasses, vinegar and butter" and "vinegar and sage tea," which "almost suffocated him," and a blister of cantharides.
  • As to Afghanistan, the vizier Yar Mahommed had in 1842, when the British troops were perishing in the passes, or otherwise in the midst of dangers, caused Kamran to be suffocated in his prison.
  • After a brief reign, characterized, it is said, by dignity and talent, he died in July 1274, suffocated, according to the generally received accounts, by his own fat.