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  • The generic name applied to the latter was Sudra, originally probably the name of one of the subjected tribes.
  • The serf, the Sudra, was not to worship the gods of the Aryan freemen.
  • Whilst the Arya was thus a dvi-ja, or twice-born, the Sudra remained unregenerate during his lifetime, his consolation being the hope that, on the faithful performance of his duties in this life, he might hereafter be born again into a higher grade of life.
  • For these reasons, every Hindu household - whether Brahman, Kshatriya or Sudra - that can afford to keep a paid cook generally entertains the services of a Brahman for the performance of its cuisine - the result being that in the larger towns the very name of Brahman has suffered a strange degradation of late, so as to mean only a cook "(Jogendra Nath Bhattacharya, Hindu Castes and Sects).
  • The ancient designation Sudra finds no great favour in modern times, and we can point to no group that is generally recognized as representing it.

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