Sentence Examples

  • The former would be an exact submultiple of the 30-day month, but the exact relation of seven days to the month is not very clear.
  • (ii.) To continue the division we may take as our new unit a submultiple of Q, such as Q/r, where r is an integer, and repeat the process.
  • Submultiples.-The relation of a unit to its successive multiples as shown in a multiple-table is expressed by saying that it is a submultiple of the multiples, the successive submultiples being one-half, one-third, one-fourth,..
  • The relation of submultiple is the converse of that of multiple; thus if a is I of b, then b is 5 times a.
  • The determination of a submultiple is therefore equivalent to completion of the diagram E or E' of § 35 by entry of the unit, when the number of times it is taken, and the product, are given.

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