Sentence Examples

  • The submontane valleys are largely cultivated, but are deadly except to those born in them.
  • The district naturally divides itself into three well-defined tracts - (1) The salt tract, along the coast; (2) The arable tract, or rice country; and (3) The submontane tract, or jungle lands.
  • The submontane tract is an undulating country with a red soil, much broken up into ravines along the foot of the hills.
  • The heights of peaks determined by exact processes of trigonometrical observation are bound to be more or less in error for three reasons: (1) the extraordinary geoidal deformation of the level surface at the observing stations in submontane regions; (2) ignorance of the laws of refraction when rays traverse rarefied air in snow-covered regions; (3) ignorance of the variations in the actual height of peaks due to the increase, or decrease, of snow.
  • This tract presents the same general features as the Gangetic valley, varied by the damp and pestilential submontane region of the tarai on the north-east, at the foot of the Kumaon hills.

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