Sentence Examples

  • The body is covered externally by a chitinous cuticle which is a product of the subjacent epidermic layer in which no cell limits can be detected though nuclei are scattered through it.
  • The cells immediately subjacent to the superficial assimilating layer form a colorless, or nearly colorless, parenchymatous cortex, which acts as a food storage tissue (fig.
  • In many Laminariaceae the thallus also grows regularly in thickness by division of its surface layer, adding to the subjacent permanent tissue and thus forming a secondary meristem.
  • In a second type they are situated at the ends of tracheal strands and consist of groups of richly protoplasmic cells belonging to the epidermis (as in the leaves of many ferns), or to the subjacent tissue (the commonest type in flowering plants); in this last case the cells in question are known as epithem.
  • The passage from this tegumentary layer to the subjacent longitudinal muscular one is gradual, no membrane separating them.

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