Sentence Examples

  • Actually, her legs felt like stumps and her groin muscles were knotted with pain.
  • You use this lever to lower the sickle, like this and then lift it over stumps and such.
  • The nature of the breeding-place varies greatly according to the species, and while many of the mosquitoes that infest houses will breed even in the smallest accidental accumulation of water such as may have collected in a discarded bottle or tin, the larvae of other species less closely associated with man are found in natural pools or ditches, at the margins of slow-moving streams, in collections of water in hollow trees and bamboo-stumps, or even in the water-receptacles of certain plants.
  • Sawdust, slabs, stumps and large quantities of logs are wasted.
  • Vigorous measures are now taken in many plantations to remove all old wood and to extract stumps of old trees, which in the first instance it was considered unnecessary to remove.

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