Sentence Examples

  • AARD-WOLF (earth-wolf), a South and East African carnivorous mammal (Proteles cristatus), in general appearance like a small striped hyena, but with a more pointed muzzle, sharper ears, and a long erectile mane down the middle line of the neck and back.
  • The stuccoed walls were striped horizontally and vertically with red on a blue field, on which appear fishes swimming.
  • Australis, both being of a dark reddishbrown, longitudinally striped with light yellowish-brown, while A.
  • It follows from these propositions that the expression of emotion is, for the most part, not under control of the will, and that those striped muscles are the most expressive which are the least voluntary.
  • The wild mouse, rat and rabbit are self-coloured, but the domesticated forms include various piebald patterns, such as spotted forms among mice, and the familiar black and white hooded and dorsal-striped pattern of some tame rats.

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