Sentence Examples

  • Arising at intermediate places, and as these will not usually lie exactl y on the direct line, deviations from straightness will be rendered necessary.
  • 2) differ from the corresponding organs of allied species in great breadth of the crown as compared with the length, the narrowness and crowding or close approximation of the ridges, the thinness of the enamel, and its straightness, parallelism and absence of " crimping," as seen on the worn surface or in a horizontal section of the tooth.
  • The horns are peculiar for their upright direction and comparative straightness, although they.have the same triangular section as in other buffaloes.
  • On the European continent the Hagenau pine of Westphalia is esteemed for the straightness and good quality of its timber.
  • The straightness of a straight line and the planeness of a plane require consideration.