Sentence Examples

  • Today, Capezio's line includes the best commercial jazz, tap, and ballet shoes, but Capezio also offers ice skates and the same custom shoemaking for professional companies that originated in that small storefront over a hundred years ago.
  • Home party business opportunities are a part of the direct sales industry that involves selling products or services through informal home events instead of through a traditional retail storefront.
  • Since you don't have an office or storefront location for potential customers to visit, your website will likely serve as the first point of contact for your company.
  • She could work at a traditional storefront shop with a computer, desk, and piles of brochures or she could be a "virtual agent," whom you talk to via the Internet.
  • Many retailers are using eBay as a storefront these days, so you don't have to bid on items but can instead use the Buy it Now feature to complete the transaction.