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  • The order contains about fifty species in fifteen genera, twelve of which occur in fresh water while three are marine; and includes both floating and submerged forms. Hydrocharis floats on the surface of still water, and has rosettes of kidney-shaped leaves, from among which spring the flower-stalks; stolons bearing new leafrosettes are sent out on all sides, the plant thus propagating itself in the same way as the strawberry.
  • Such outgrowths are called stolons, and a stolon may be simple, i.e.
  • In the order Stolonifera the zooids spring at intervals from branching or lamellar stolons, and are usually free from one another, except at their bases, but in some cases horizontal solenia arising at various heights from the body-wall may place the more distal portions of the zooids in communication with one another.
  • The turf-formation, which is characteristic of open situations in cool temperate climates, results from an extensive production of short stolons, the branches and the fibrous roots developed from their nodes forming the dense " sod."
  • From stolons, which are often produced in great quantity.

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