Sentence Examples

  • He or she will also place the stethoscope over the child's abdomen; when renal vein thrombosis is present, the doctor may hear an abnormal "whooshing" as blood tries to flow through the blocked vessel.
  • The physician will listen to the child's chest with a stethoscope for specific sounds that indicate lung inflammation, such as moist rales and crackling, and wheezing, that indicate airway narrowing.
  • Sexy Army Nurse: Featuring a gartered apron skirt and push-up bra top in camouflage, a headpiece, tie, stethoscope and shrug, all you need are some red stockings and dog tags to please the boys.
  • On examination of the heart rhythm using a stethoscope, infants with coarctation of the aorta usually have an abnormal "gallop" heart rhythm, and 50 percent of children also have heart murmurs.
  • When a doctor listens with a stethoscope to the abdomen of a child suffering from ileus, there will be few or no bowel sounds, indicating that the intestine has stopped functioning.