Sentence Examples

  • Verhoeff (1894-1896) - in a beetle's abdomen, but the tenth sternite is usually absent.
  • On account of the great extension of the metathorax and the haunches of the large hindlegs, the first abdominal sternite is wanting, and the second is - the stylets.
  • These elements are a central piece or sternite, 12 and a lateral field on each side bearing the leg-rudi 1s ment.
  • - Morphology of an Insect: the embryo of Gryllotalpa, somewhat diagrammatic. The longitudinal segmented band along the middle line represents the early segmentation of the nervous system and the subsequent median field of each sternite; the lateral transverse unshaded bands are the lateral fields of each segment; the shaded areas indicate the more internally placed mesoderm layer.
  • --Diagrams of the meta-sternite st, who showed that with genital operculum op, and the first lamellithe statements of gerous pair of appendages ga, with uniting von Graber were sternal element st of Scorpio (left) and Limulus erroneous, and (right).

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