Sentence Examples

  • He is also said to have written, at dates unknown, The London Merchant (which, however, was an earlier name for Beaumont and Fletcher's Knight of the Burning Pestle) and The Royal Combat; a tragedy by him, Beauty in a Trance, was entered in the Stationers' Register in 1653, but never printed.
  • In 1802 he was appointed editor of the Gentlemen's Diary, and in 1818 editor of the Ladies' Diary and superintendent of the almanacs of the Stationers' Company.
  • In the Stationers' Register (June 1589) the printing is said to have been " alowed " by Archbishop Whitgift.
  • WARREN DE LA RUE (1815-1889), British astronomer and chemist, son of Thomas De la Rue, the founder of the large firm of stationers of that name in London, was born in Guernsey on the 18th of January 1815.
  • Partridge was widely deplored in obituary notices and his name was struck off the rolls at Stationers' Hall.