Sentence Examples

  • His first venture, Quantum International Sales, boasts $500 billion in annual sales.Harrington is known for encouraging startup businesses, and has founded two networking organizations to help entrepreneurs achieve success.
  • Business startup advice includes tips on generating creative business ideas, writing a business plan, finding capital to fund a new business venture, as well as direction for legal, accounting and human resources issues.
  • Plan Magic Business Planning Software: This program is available in three different versions, including one for construction companies, another for retail businesses, and a third for other types of startup companies.
  • Whether you only need to raise a little bit of startup funds or if you require tens of thousands of dollars, determining who to ask-and how much to request-is one of the first things you'll need to consider.
  • Most search engines base their rankings on who the de facto leaders are, and giving money to some slick guy with big promises isn't going to make your startup bookstore beat out of the top spot.