Sentence Examples

  • She choked back a sob and saw the glint of starlight off a knife on the ground.
  • It is rather a disputed point whether this dark segment - through which starlight has been seen to passrepresen is a real atmospheric condition or is merely a contrast effect.
  • He said nothing, even as the last finger of light faded from the horizon and starlight replaced the sun.
  • But if it be possible to mount a fixed telescope by which a solar or stellar image can be formed within a laboratory we give the following advantages: - (1) There is no mechanical limit to the length of the telescope; (2) the clockwork and other appliances to move the mirror, which reflects the starlight along the axis, are much lighter and smaller than those required to move a large telescope; (3) the observer remains in a fixed position, and spectroscopes of any weight can be used on piers within the laboratory; and (4) the angular value of any linear distance on a photographic plate can be determined by direct measurement of the distance of the photographic plate from the optical centre of the object-glass.

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