Sentence Examples

  • And if hitting another car wasn't enough for Richie, yet one more day later, while getting her nails done in a Beverly Hills salon, the skinny starlet received a ticket for parking her BMW in a passenger loading zone.
  • The blonde starlet sports several different hairstyles in the high fashion magazine, including a blown out straight do with shaggy bangs, which appears as a part of a multi-page interview.
  • He paid tribute to her in a toast during a dinner that was attended by the Heroes cast members in which he reportedly referred to the starlet as his "girlfriend" and that he "loved her."
  • Steven Spielberg's film about an alien stranded on earth and a group of children that befriended him was the role that made seven-year-old Drew Barrymore a bankable Hollywood starlet.
  • So the Revealing Zipper Satin Corset features slimming boning; the Butterfly Goddess Tapestry corset has supportive boning and the Starlet Glamour Strapless Corset is waist slimming.