Sentence Examples

  • This passageway follows a semi-circle that starts above the port hatch and continues to the back of the Combat Information Center, past Damage Control, over the Communications Center and Helm Control, and concludes over the starboard hatch.
  • Two shells struck the ship on the starboard side.
  • The English, who constituted the centre and rear, stood out on the starboard tack.
  • As he looked anxiously out for the pierheads at Ostend, breakers suddenly loomed up on the starboard bow, and before the ship could turn she was ashore.
  • The " Otranto " asked if she was to keep out of range, and not getting a clear reply drew out of line on the " Glasgow's " starboard quarter, a potent reminder that a ship that has no guns to fight and no speed to run away is a delusion and a snare.