Sentence Examples

  • He was educated at Stade and the university of Gottingen.
  • In fact, while Robertson Smith (in Kinship and Marriage in Early Arabia, as well as his Religion of the Semites, followed by Stade and Benzinger) strongly advocated the view that clear traces of totemism can be found in early Israel, later writers, such as Marti, Gesch.
  • Stade, although varying greatly in standpoint, are among the most valuable by recent scholars; H.
  • An excellent service of electric trams interconnect the towns of Hamburg, Altona and the adjacent suburbs, and steamboats provide communication on the Elbe with the riparian towns and villages; and so with Blankenese and Harburg, with Stade, Gliickstadt and Cuxhaven.
  • B Stade not unreasonably questions whether 2 Kings xii.

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