Sentence Examples

  • There is clearly no theoretical limit to the resolving power of gratings, even in spectra of given order.
  • Compound bodies, we now know, have their own spectra, and only when dissociation occurs can the compound show the rays characteristic of the element: this perhaps was to be expected, but it came as a surprise and was not readily believed, that elements, as a rule, possess more than one spectrum according to the physical conditions under which they become luminous.
  • Schumann 2 have shown, however, that with the help of spectroscopes void of air and specially prepared photographic plates, spectra can be registered as far down as lzoo A.
  • Bolometric methods may be used with facility and advantage in the investigation of the distribution of intensities in continuous or semi-continuous spectra but difficulties are met with in the case of line spectra.
  • Paschen 6 has further extended the method and added a number of infra-red lines to the spectra of helium, argon, oxygen and other elements.

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