Sentence Examples

  • "How's your spaced-out heroine doing?" he asked.
  • The ropes are spaced laterally by the blocks B, B, B, B, which also serve to prevent them from slipping sideways.
  • With the scars on each rib rather widely spaced, and Favularia, where they are approximated and separated by transverse furrows, each rib thus consisting of a series of contiguous leaf-bases.
  • P. Sladen, who divided the Euasterida into two orders: (I) Phanerozonia, with marginals large and highly developed, the supero-marginals and inferomarginals contiguous, with papulae confined to the dorsal surface, with ambulacrals well spaced and usually broad, adambulacrals prominent in the mouth-skeleton, with pedicellariae sessile; (2) Cryptozonia, with marginals inconspicuous and somewhat atrophied in the adult, the supero-marginals separated from the inferomarginals by intercalated plates, with papulae distributed over the whole body, with ambulacrals crowded and narrow, either ambulacrals or adambulacrals prominent in the mouth-skeleton, with pedicellariae stalked or sessile.
  • On the continent of Europe the figures are taken in sets of three, but are merely spaced, the comma being used at the end of a number to denote the commencement of a decimal.

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