Sentence Examples

  • The soulless, ancient intelligence there was as fathomless as the night sky.
  • His pointed teeth, soulless eyes and rumbling growl gave away the otherwise human-looking creature as a demon.
  • Darkyn focused his dark, soulless gaze on him for the first time since arriving.
  • I wouldn't give it all up, and he wanted no part of the soulless corporation I manage.  I made him leave me.
  • The election of Merlin of Douay and Francois of Neufchatel as Directors, in place of Carnot and Barthelemy, gave to that body a compactness which enabled it to carry matters with a high hand, until the hatred felt by Frenchmen for this soulless revival of a moribund Jacobinism gradually endowed the Chambers with life and strength sufficient to provoke a renewal of strife with the Directory.

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