Sentence Examples

  • Among its characteristic mammals and birds are the lynx, marten, porcupine, northern red squirrel, Beldings and Kennicotts ground squirrels, varyin and snowshoe rabbits, northern jumping mouse, white-throate sparrow, Blackburnian warbler, Audubon.
  • In the mountains are elk, puma, lynx, the varying hare and snowshoe rabbit, the yellow-haired porcupine, Fremont's and Bailey's squirrels, the mountain sheep, the four-striped chipmunk, Townsend's spermophile, the prong-horned antelope, the cinnamon pack-rat, grizzly, brown, silvertip and black bears and the wolverine.
  • Snowshoe hares have pure white fur, which allows them to blend into their snowy environment without being seen.
  • Snowshoe hike for 11am.
  • Snowshoe hiking tours, ski races, skittles and much more.

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