Sentence Examples

  • On the downside, there is no QWERTY keyboard (only a regular numerical keypad), so inputting text in the case of emails, schedule events, and SMS text messages can be more difficult than on other smartphones or on PDA phones.
  • The same can be said about SMS text messages -- which many people use in lieu of voice calls for short messages -- and mobile data, the latter of which can be very important for business users and their smartphones.
  • MMS: Standing for Multimedia Messaging Service, MMS is essentially a more advanced version of SMS (short messaging service) or what is more commonly known as "sending text messages".
  • Facebook founders immediatley answered that need with an SMS based interface, where users could send status updates and receive notification via text messages.
  • Rush Card offers you many benefits including online money management tools, rush bill pay, SMS alerts, referral fees, and free 24/7 customer service.