Sentence Examples

  • The observer begins by moving the slider until the galvanometer shows no current.
  • Let the balance be supposed to be attained, and let x be the position of the slider on the wire, so that x and 1 - x are the two sections of the slide wire, then the relation between the resistance is (A -{-x) I (B +l - x) = P/Q.
  • The arm CD turns on the axis C, and -.~ .- is jointed at D to the middle of the bar ADB, whose length is double I of that of CD, and one of whose - ends B is jointed to a slider, sliding in straight guides along the line FIG 113.
  • A chain built up of three turning pairs and one sliding pair, and known as the slider crank chain, is shown in fig.
  • Inversions of the slider crank chain.

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