Sentence Examples

  • Neumann, Die Hellenen im Sk thenlande (Berlin, 1855).
  • It Is Also Formed When Sulphur Trioxide Reacts With Carbon Bisulphide At 100° C., Cs2 3S03 =Cos 4So 2, And By The Decomposition Of Ethyl Potassium Thiocarbonate With Hydrochloric Acid, Co(0C2115)Sk Hc1= Cos Kc1 C 2 H 5 Oh.
  • Sk, body of nuchal skeleton.
  • GAMALIEL (SK'), This name, which in Old Testament times figures only as that of a prince of the tribe of Manasseh (vide Num.
  • The shell-gland, sk, is later stage, in which a flattened out, and a delicate second invagination has beshell, s, appears on its sur gun - namely, that of the face.