Sentence Examples

  • Hann lagsi " undir sig alla y Sudreyjar....
  • Similarly the word for " clothing " may be written SIG-BA, which represents again the " Sumerian " word, whereas, the BabylonianAssyrian equivalent being lubushtu it is so to be read in Semitic texts, and may therefore be also phonetically written lu-bu-ush-tu.
  • It is formed by the Habra (140 m.) and the Sig (130 m.), which rise in the Amur mountains and flowing north unite in a marshy plain, whence issues the Macta.
  • On the lower courses of the Habra and the Sig, barrages have been built for irrigation purposes.
  • The Habra barrage holds 38,000,000 cubic metres; that on the Sig 18,000,000.