Sentence Examples

  • Her face had already begun softening, and the warm sienna reclaimed her eyes.
  • Faustus Sozzini, a native of Sienna (1539-1603), much influenced by his uncle Lelio Sozzini, after a wandering, questioning life, found his way to Poland, where he succeeded in uniting the various Anabaptist sects into a species of church, the doctrines of which are set forth in the Confession of Rakow (near Minsk), published in Polish in 1605 and speedily in German and Latin.
  • Congregatio; Grimaldi, Les Congregations romaines (Sienna, 1891); Dictionnaire de theologie catholique, s.v.
  • At the age of twenty-one he was given an appointment in the record office of his native city; from 1865 to 1871 he was attached to the Archives of Sienna, but eventually returned to Florence.