Sentence Examples

  • According to the Shiite Moslems, who call the office the "imamate" or leadership, no caliph is legitimate unless he is a lineal descendant of the Prophet.
  • A great religious difference divided the Fatimite caliph of Cairo, the head of the Shiite sect, from the Abbasid caliph of Bagdad, who was the head of the Sunnites.
  • (e) Shiite Moslems outnumber the Sunni, and make about one twenty-fifth of the whole.
  • Kerbela is a place of pilgrimage of the Shiite Moslems, and is only less sacred to them than Meshed `Ali and Mecca.
  • His death, in the beginning of the battle, decided the fate of Mus`ab, who was slain sword in hand by a Shiite of Kuf a.

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