Sentence Examples

  • She put a finger to her lips "Sh-h-h" He slipped an arm around her waist as she came up beside him and whispered.
  • It possesses seven vowels; among the consonants are the aspirated d and t, as in Greek, and many other sounds, such as b, d, sh, zh (French j), and hard g, which are wanting in Greek, but exist in the Slavonic languages.
  • The ch, sh and soft g also gave her much trouble, and she does not yet enunciate them clearly. [The difficulties which Miss Sullivan found in 1891 are, in a measure, the difficulties which show in Miss Keller's speech today.]
  • Axon growth and guidance in the developing and regenerating CNS Jeremy SH Taylor BSc PhD University Lecturer Tel.
  • At first, the main network was the existing Sh ay kh í network throughout Iran.

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