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  • AAca AEovrapca), founded by the Servian prince Stephen Nemanya (1159-1195) Iveron (7) tovrt Twv 'I(31)pwv), founded by Iberians, or Georgians; Esphigmenu (Tou 'Er4nyp. vov: the name is derived from the confined situation of the monastery); Kutlumush (KovrXov,uoi)n); Pandocratoros (Tou IIav-roeparopos); Philotheu (licXoKov); Caracallu (Tou KapatXAov); St Paul (Toil ayiov IlauXov); St Denis (Tou fiyiov OcovvoLov); St Gregory (Tou ayiou Fpnyopcov); Simopetra (It / 267E7pa); Xeropotamu (Toil flp07rorfiµov); St Xenophon (Tou aylou ZEv04wvTos); Dochiariu (AoXECapelov); Constamoni to (Kwv6Ta povirov); Zographu (Tou Zwypit4)ov); and Stavronikitu (Tou ITavpovtKLTov, the last built, founded in 1545).
  • The real Servian commentary practically gives the only complete extant edition of a classic author written before the destruction of the empire.
  • Orthodox churches (Russian, Servian, Syrian and Greek), which had practically no existence in 1890, the year of the last preceding census of religious bodies.
  • Of Bulgaria; on the right bank of the river Danube, near the Servian frontier and 151 m.
  • In the summer of 1876 he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Servian army, but on entering Turkey was driven back by Osman Pasha, who followed him into Servia, defeating him at Zayechar and Yavor in July, and the campaign in Servia proved disastrous.

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