Sentence Examples

  • You want the web server to support four of the most popular programming paradigms.
  • The only behavior difference between viewing your website on your local PC and viewing it live on the web server is that locally the external web links will not work, but all of your internal links to your own pages will all work properly.
  • To get your podcast to their server you can upload files directly for combining (there are no editing tools), use your computer's microphone and the proprietary web browser recorder, or use their telephone service to call in your podcast.
  • However, they are worth reading, both for the directions in implementing the free page templates (usually just "upload to the server") and also to be aware of any terms or conditions the designer may have put on the use of the template.
  • Usually this would be a server installed with Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), although Sun has a product called Chili!Soft ASP which enables ASP to run on other non-Microsoft servers such as Apache, Red Hat, and others.