Sentence Examples

  • The theatre, which stands on a height a little under a mile from the town, is built from the plans of Gustav Semper, the idea of the design being Wagner's own, and experiment indeed, but one which succeeded beyond all expectation.
  • 4) laid down the principle that a hypothesis is not "genuinely scientific" if it is "destined always to remain a hypothesis": it must "be of such a nature as to be either proved or disproved by comparison with observed facts": in the same spirit Bacon said that in searching for causes in nature "Deum semper excipimus."
  • The German sovereign, therefore, though he exercised, as soon as chosen, full imperial powers both in Germany and Italy, called himself merely "king of the Romans" (Romanorum rex semper Augustus) until he had received the sacred crown in the sacred city.
  • Thus Herbert sought to do for the religion of nature what his friend Grotius was doing for natural law, - making a new application of the standard of Vincent of Lerins, Quod semper, quod ubique, quod ab omnibus.
  • We do not mean existing here and now, nor yet out of time and place, but at any time and place (semper et ubique) - past, present and future being treated as simply existing, by what logicians used to call suppositio naturalis.

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