Sentence Examples

  • Katie had hoped to make her sister a confidante but knew it was impossible so long as Kris.s claws were wrapped securely around Hannah.
  • It consists of a heavy base, which is securely bolted to the foundation, and which carries the cranes.
  • The log-line, after being well soaked, stretched and marked with knots, is wound uniformly on the log-reel, to which its inner end is securely fastened.
  • Jessi hurried inside, heart pounding, not at ease until all four locks of her apartment door were securely in place.
  • Carrying out, it may be, the principles of the Neo-Platonists, they kept the sanctuary of the Deity securely guarded, and interposed between him and his creatures a spiritual order of potent principles, from the Intelligence, which is the first-born image of the great unity, to the Soul and Nature, which come later in the spiritual rank.