Sentence Examples

  • On a Tibet Tour, you will travel almost 12,000 feet above sea-level to visit the land of Tibet, roof of the world.
  • A caespitosa is a rose-colored kind from the south of Europe, 5000 to 8000 feet above sea-level.
  • In describing the general physical features of the country, the most significant point to notice is that (though it falls westward to the sea and rises eastward to an elevated plain) the rise from west to east is not continuous, but is sharply interrupted by the deep fissure of the Ghor or Jordan valley; which, running from north to south - for the greater part of its length depressed below sea-level - forms a division in the country of both physical and political importance.
  • There are a few plains, like that of David, in Chiriqui province, but irregular surface is normal; and this irregularity is the result of very heavy rains with a consequent extremely developed drainage system cutting river valleys down nearly to the sea-level, and of marine erosion, as may be seen by the bold and rugged islands, notably those in the Gulf of Panama.
  • Hence the Pacific basin may be regarded as a stable and homogeneous geographical unit, clearly marked off round nearly all its margin by steep sharp slopes, extending in places through the whole known range of elevation above sea-level and of depression below it - from the Cordilleras of South America to the island chains of Siberia and Australia.