Sentence Examples

  • When bracts become coloured, as in Amherstia nobilis, Euphorbia splendens, Erica elegans and Salvia splendens, they may be mistaken for parts of the corolla.
  • A series of empty coloured bracts terminates the inflorescence of Salvia Horminum.
  • Pollination of Salvia Pratensis.
  • The road thence went on to Nuceria (whence a branch road ran to Septempeda and thence either to Ancona or to Tolentinum and Urbs Salvia) and Helvillum, and then crossed the main ridge of the Apennines, a temple of Jupiter Apenninus standing at the summit of the pass.
  • By the end of the month, masses of the following plants may be formed with safety in warm localities: - pelargonium, heliotropium, fuchsia, petunia, nierembergia, salvia, verbena, bouvardia and lobelia.

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