Sentence Examples

  • These may be looked The six upon as being all derived by various modifications or elementa ry arrangements of the single form-unit, the slope or inclined land forms. plane surface.
  • F, Foot; op, operculum; mn, anal papilla; ry, dry, two portions of unabsorbed nutritive yolk on either side of the intestine.
  • - bs Plan of of St Circular marks that this cemetery " gives an Syracuse.(From Agincourt.) idea of a work executed with design and leisure, and with means v e ry different from those at command in producing the catacombs of Rome."
  • Ry °Alessi Mata j `M Kadt K cui 0.
  • - Protorhynchidae, Rhynchonellidae, Cent Ronellidae, Terebratulidae, Stringocephalidae, Megalanteridae, Terebratellidae, At Ry Pidae, Spiriferidae, Athyridae]].

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