Sentence Examples

  • In Galloway, also, the highest portions of the Uplands have acquired a ruggedness and wildness more like those of the Highlands than an y other district in the south of Scotland.
  • Here it projects in irregular bastions and buttresses, there retires into deep recesses and tunnels, but shows everywhere a ruggedness of aspect eminently characteristic. In striking contrast to these precipices are those of the Cambrian red sandstone a few miles to the east.
  • Much of the ruggedness and beauty of the mountains is due to the erosive action of many alpine glaciers that once existed on the higher summits, and which have left behind their evidences in valleys and amphitheatres with towering walls, polished rock-expanses, glacial lakes and meadows and tumbling waterfalls.
  • In the mountains, ruggedness combines with thin and scattered soil to make these districts of small agricultural value.
  • There is something arresting in that bold " I am the Man "; and the lyrical intensity, the religious depth and beauty of the whole, may well blind us to occasional ruggedness of metre and language, abrupt transitions from figure to figure and other alleged blemishes, some of which may not have seemed such to the poet's contemporaries (e.g.

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