Sentence Examples

  • The circulation of water in the Baltic proper must be considered apart from the circulation in the channels connecting it with the Circu1 North Sea; and in this relation the plateau connecting the islands Falster and Moen with the coast of Mecklen burg and Rugen must be taken as the dividing line.
  • In the great basins and hollows from Rugen to the Gulfs of Bothnia and Finland the upper layers of water, from 30 to 70 metres (16 to 38 fathoms) in thickness, have almost the same salinity throughout.
  • Examples are the princes of Mecklenburg (Prilislav I., prince of the Holy Roman Empire in i 70) and Rugen, the latter title now belonging to the kings of Prussia.
  • RUGEN, an island of Germany, in the Baltic, immediately opposite Stralsund, 12 m.
  • The original Germanic inhabitants of Rugen were dispossessed by Sla y s; and there are still various relics of the long reign of paganism that ensued.

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