Sentence Examples

  • Barthold, Geschichte von Rugen and Pommern (Hamburg, 1839-1845); K.
  • The conquest of Rugen, engaged Henry's activity until June 1 17 1, when, in pursuance of a treaty which restored peace, Henry's daughter, Gertrude, married the Danish prince, Canute.
  • 3 a till 1168 that the chief Wendish fortress, at Arkona in Rugen, containing the sanctuary of their god Svantevit, was surrendered, the Wends agreeing to accept Danish suzerainty and the Christian religion at the same time.
  • From Arkona Absalon proceeded by sea to Garz, in south Rugen, the political capital of the Wends, and an all but impregnable stronghold.
  • Long narrow alluvial strips called Nehrungen, lie between the last two haffs and the Baltic. The Baltic coast is further marked by large indentations, the Gulf of LUbeck, that of Pomerania, east of Rugen, and the semicircular Bay of Danzig between the promontories of Rixhoft and Brusterort.