Sentence Examples

  • Smart parents know that this really is only for the very young set - it's the rare boy who will tolerate wearing an actual romper past a certain age.
  • One of the few Wonder Woman costumes that can be worn any old time until it's outgrown, this is a long-sleeved romper with an underleg snap closure.
  • Halter Tie Front Romper: This playful print style is perfect for summer, pairing short and a playful top in a lughtweight turquoise print material.
  • Some of the more notable finds is a zebra print belted skirt, tube belted romper and a pair of "shortfalls"; shorts done in the style of overalls.
  • This sleek, sophisticated romper from Macy's is fashion proof that rompers can be sexy and stylish rather than cute and childish.

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